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Fuel up Your Love for Malaysia with These Movies!

by Natasha Christopher

Would you consider yourself patriotic? We are only two days away from marking 60 years of Independence, and it just doesn’t feel right that some of us are only excited about the long upcoming weekend, without so much care about the real meaning behind the historical day.

Local patriotic movies over the years have instilled the spirit of unity and pride to be a Malaysian. We think it’s time to educate some people about Malaysia; how it came to be, the fight towards freedom, and what it means to be Malaysian. And hey, what better way to learn if not from films!

Local movies have instilled the spirit of unity and pride amongst us over the years. From the harsh struggles our ancestors went through in the fight for independence, to a simple love story that redefines racial values, here are FIVE movies you should watch to prepare yourself for the upcoming Merdeka celebration.

1.Bukit Kepong

Set in the era of 1950’s, this is a true story of brave policemen who fought against the communist for the sake of family. The incident in Bukit Kepong left 25 people killed. The film not only portrays the men’s integrity and love for the country, it tells the sacrifices one had to make to ensure their family is safe. This historical film picked up seven awards at Malaysia Film Festival in 1982.

Bukit Kepong movie is released in the year of 1981 and later remastered in 2015.



This film tells the tale of the sacrifice of a patriotic soul for her country. Embun, a strong-willed 17-year-old lady eagerly wishes to join her brother, Bayu in a campaign to liberate the people from the Japanese army. It is a struggle for Embun to do so as she faces objections from Bayu and the local community because of the strong belief in stereotypical gender roles. Embun, despite being a woman, single-handedly sparks patriotism among the people to fight for their right regardless of their gender.

Directed by Malaysian actress, Erma Fatima, released in the year of 2002.


3.Ola Bola

Although this movie has nothing to do with independence, it captures the hearts of the audience with the values of friendship and unity in sportsmanship, which unites the Malaysians. This true story displays a multicultural football team overcoming failures, learning and growing from disputes between friends, to becoming a national hero in the eyes of the country. Ola Bola ranks in a whopping RM8 million gross box office collections in just 13 days in the cinema. Definitely, a must watch!



This masterpiece from Yasmin Ahmad is about two young lovers from two different backgrounds coping with family and social pressure. Being a romantic comedy on its own, this film is able to reflect the modern Malaysian society in a light-hearted manner. It explores the issues and struggles of racial and religious differences, only to reveal that stereotypes are detrimental and absurd in many cases. Sepet gained international success when it won Asian Film Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

5. 1957: Hati Malaya

This movie tells the story of four young Malaysians who are assigned to create a picture book that led its country towards independence. What was initially an assignment, soon becomes a lesson in history for each of them as they uncover the struggles earning their freedom and rights. It depicts the historic lives of Tunku Abdul Rahman and other heroes who had paved the path for an independent nation.

Build the spirit of unity and independence among us Malaysians and remember to watch the movies, lah!






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