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No, Singapore, Not This Time!

by Nashata K.

Our classic favourite – the Pandan cake has made the cut in ‘favourite national cakes from around the world’ category in an article recently published by CNN Travel. More than that, our chiffon cake was even described as “a revelation”.

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Even if you aren’t a dessert lover or don’t particularly have a sweet tooth, there is still no denying the heavenly, spongy, awesomeness that the Pandan cake delivers with every bite. You probably ate this plenty as a kid if not anymore. Though we can’t understand why you stopped. 

Whether its in the form or a roll, bread, jelly, kuih or as a nasi lemak packet, we Malaysians use Pandan in pretty much every traditional preparation.  Behold, the one and only pandanus infused chiffon cake:

Quite a bangga (proud) moment for us to have made it to the list this year, no?

Here’s the one thing thing that makes us grumble though; the judges weren’t sure if the cake is originally Malaysian or Singaporean and opted for a diplomatic statement by saying it is “particularly loved in Malaysia and Singapore”.  Judging by the recent excitement around Singapore McD’s Nasi Lemak Burger, we do hope that this hasn’t accidentally triggered another cross-border food fight.

Just kidding… or are we?

Cue the usual ‘But we made it first’ social media war in 3…2…1…

As Malaysians, we are generally quite chilled about a lot of things but since this has everything to do with food – and we take our food very seriously – we’re going to stake some pretty bold claims: Pandan Cake is from Malaysia, CNN!

We love you Singapore – But food is life!

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