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If You Love Sales and Discounts, Read This!

by Nashata K.

Shopee has launched a new daily campaign dubbed Shocking Sale! Consumers can expect RM9 deals on the ninth of every month and it’s covered by Shopee’s Lowest Price Guarantee programme – shoppers who are able to locate the same item for a lower price on a different platform will be refunded 120% of the price difference via cash voucher.

“Malaysians love discounts and flash sales, and plan their online shopping around these promotional efforts. It appears that getting maximum value out of online shopping has become a lifestyle choice among Malaysians. Many users log in multiple times a day to get updates on the latest deals when they intend to buy something online,” said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee Malaysia.

In taking advantage of the brisk mobile e-commerce growth in the region, Shopee is becoming an increasingly popular shopping app in our country. The sales and discount campaign were launched based on their findings in a recent study.

Shopee uncovered in their recent study that Malaysians are becoming more and more savvy when shopping online, adopting deliberate practices to gain the best deals. Conducted in June 2017, this consumer behaviour study was based on Shopee data and survey results collected from over 7500 online shoppers across Malaysia.

So what drives the average Shopee shopper’s decision to make purchases online? The study revealed the number one determining factors: Discounts and flash sales, with free shipping as the second factor, followed by reward programs as the third.

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