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Self-Confidence is Key, Ask Datuk Vida!

by Nashata K.

Cosmetics millionaire Datuk Seri Vida (also known as Dr Vida) has launched her first single titled “I Am Me”, demonstrating her dance moves in a campy yet questionably catchy music video. She’s garnered more than 400k views on youtube since its release and the numbers are rising.

The 46-year-old CEO of Vida Beauty Sdn Bhd is dressed in glittering clothes, decked in jewellery and a gleaming tiara in her latest MV that aired last Friday and boy is she… flamboyant.

It may be a little hard for some to digest: A middle-aged woman prancing about in flashy colours, and singing self-appraising but catchy! lyrics. You may think the whole concept screams the perfect cliché.

Have a heart! The cosmetics tycoon genuinely feels ‘young’. In talking about her broken marriage she says – “Whatever it is, I believe God has made it easy… We have to move on, age is just a number. I feel like I’m only 25 years old.” See?

Her venture in the music industry comes three months after the collapse of her third marriage but Dr Vida’s got her eyes on the prize. “I’ve determined my future path. If I want to work on something, I like to go big, go for huge,” she tells reporters.

Getting to where she is now was not an easy process, facing setbacks such as competition from counterfeit products, sabotage and slanderous allegations. Coming from a humble background, Dr Vida worked hard and eventually landed success as an entrepreneur.

Now she’s looking to take Malaysia by storm by dabbling in the music biz.

“Whether it’s a product or marketing, this is my new career. I have many new ideas but this is one of it – to be a singer. Not only in Malaysia, but in Asia”.

Penned by Dr Vida herself (and composed by Edry Abdul Halim of KRU studios), the song is available on Spotify and iTunes. Like. For. Real.

Her lyrics are kept short and straight-to-the-point. You can’t go wrong with lines like “I am a diva… living la Vida” and “come to me sayang sayang sayang”.

We came across all kinds of hilarious responses online.

Like this girl who could can never un-hear the word ayam no matter how hard she’s going to try from now on. For the English speakers, ayam means chicken in Malay.

And these people who can’t stop replaying the song in their heads. RIP.

Some even got into heated arguments *yikes*


vida argument2Well guys, what do you think? Datuk Vida herself has a message for you: Come memorise the song so we can sing together!

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