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My 2Cents: Women Need to Leave, Period.

by Nashata K.

Before anyone points fingers at us for being misogynists, we’re actually talking about the “menstrual leave” this amazeballs company in India just offered to their female staff as part of its official policy!

The Mumbai-based digital media company, Culture Machine, in an effort to spread awareness about what women face during their periods in India (as well as the stigmas attached to the whole concept), is not only trying to fight against discrimination against the views of menstruation but address the health issues and depleting confidence that women endure during these difficult periods. If this isn’t noble I don’t know what is.

Here’s where it gets super legit. The policy is being dubbed FOP – First Day of Period (how effin’ cool is that) and like its name, staff are entitled for leave on the first day of their periods. The women from the company also want their privilege to be spread to the rest of the country. Why ever not?

But as epic as such a successful petition sounds, there is a huge possibility that the law may backfire. Imagine if “period leave” becomes a norm and employers suddenly (if not already) become more oriented toward hiring men than women all in the name of “inadequacy” or “inefficiency”.

The sweat and blood we lost in the battle for feminism would relinquish. Women would be deemed even more as the “weaker gender”. We either suffer in silence or don’t suffer at all. Nature, why you do dis to me…

Malaysians, what do you think? Should such a law be recognised and practiced in our country? Would there be a long-term effect on employability as professional and working women?

My 2CENTS? I’d like a week off AND a bar of dark chocolate, but we don’t always get what we want.

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