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Do We Get Free Ride on MRT?

by Nashata K.

Are you one of those poor souls who endured long, painful hours of being stuck in traffic as road works and constructions of the MRT were ongoing? Gosh, the horror!

Fret no more ladies and gents, the much anticipated Semantan-Kajang route which completes the 51km SBK line is finally in operation as of today;  bringing some (if not all) your woes to a permanent an end?

The SBK line (second phase) runs from Sungai Buloh to Kajang, through highly populated areas, like Cheras. It stretches up to 30km with 19 stations and is said to have cost RM21 billion to build. Each train has four cars, allowing a total passenger capacity of 1,200 with the frequency of 3.5 minutes between each train.

Fares are said to start from RM1, with the maximum ticket price of RM6.40. It’s possibly cheaper than driving your own car, but we’ll let you do the monthly math.

The first phase, from Sungai Buloh to Semantan with 12 stations, has been operational since 16 Dec.

“Through both phases of the MRT SBK Line, the government expects this service to benefit more than 500,000 commuters daily,” said Najib Razak, our prime minister. He’ll also be officiating the launch of the second phase today.

The line is open for public at 4pm today (after the launch), and will go on full operation starting tomorrow, starting 6am.

Unfortunately not everyone paid attention to the news and went home disappointed upon arriving to what appeared to be closed stations earlier this morning! Case in point:




** facepalm **

While some were not too thrilled about the half a day wait.








** Even bigger facepalm **

We get it Malaysians! This is huge. But let’s not get ahead of  ourselves here. Rides are also said to be free from 4pm to 11pm today.  In case you’ve got nothing to do after work today, go and makan some angin in the MRT and let us know how awesome it is.

Till next time!

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