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Muslim Fashionistas Can Now Colour Away with #HalalPaint

by Anna Yuu
OrlyxMuslim Girl Harambae

Orly and Muslim Girl’s new nail polish line could be the answer for the Muslim society who crave having that bit of fashion statement. Wearing the traditional nail polish is not an option for some Muslim men and women, due to the ritual ablution they perform before prayer that requires contact of water to every part of the body – including nails.

While there are several hair colour brands that cater to practicing Muslim customers, it hasn’t been heard that nail polish brands do. Last year, Orly released the Breathable line – porous formula that allows both oxygen and moisture to pass through the layer of paint.

Orly stepped up its game this year by collaborating with Muslim Girl, the largest online Muslim women’s platform in the US, and produced #HalalPaint, a limited-edition collection of six halal-certified and water permeable nail polishes that are made of 100% halal ingredient. These polishes are the first product of its kind catered specifically to the needs of Muslim women in America.

This new collection goes beyond just offering a viable solution to traditional nail polish for women (and men) who feel like they’re forced to compromise on beauty. #HalalPaint aims to create a sense of inclusiveness for the Muslims in the fashion scene.

“Collaborating on a breathable nail polish line for Muslim women means creating space for them in the beauty industry by making options available that cater to their needs,” said Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Founder of Muslim Girl. “The Perfect Amani-cure”, a polish in the shade of gentle lilac is named after her.

Al-Khatahtbeh along with Azmia Magane, the Chief of Staff at Muslim Girl, have been directly involved in the ideation of the line — from the formula to the cheeky shade names. You’ll find “Haram-Bae”, “What the Fatima?”, and “Ig-Noor the Haters” in the mix – a bold statement that brought both excitement and resentment from the American Muslim community.

HalalPaint MGxORLY

Six nail polishes in a set – retailing at $49

“Not only is #HalalPaint legit halal-certified, but it’s [also] an answer to a beauty practice that some Muslims have otherwise found to be difficult coupled with their religious practice,” claimed Al-Khatahtbeh. Thanks largely in part to social media, she said, “The beauty industry is responding to this, responding to us, and making way for us. It’s an important moment to be a part of.”

A firm believer that everyone should be able to express themselves the way they want to, I say go for it! Muslim fashionistas, colour away and show off your zest – nothing is stopping you now!

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