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VIDEO: It’s Not About The Gold or Fame, Step Up!

by Anna Yuu
Dose Two

Dose Two has released their latest music video, Anak Antoo, following the release of Loqlaq eight months ago. The video rapidly garnered views and shared across Facebook (4.4K views and 120 shares at the time the article was written).

Dose Two – Anak Antoo (Official Music Video)

NEW: one time fr dak dak utara.

Posted by Dose Two on Saturday, July 8, 2017


Originating from the North and currently based in Petaling Jaya, the Rap duo – Vix Chandra (Sayla) and Naqib Shamsuri (QBe) – have been collaborating together in the music scene since 2004, while Dose Two was formed in 2008. If you think Naqib looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen him on the television, having been a host on 8TV’s Quickie programme.

Inspired by classics and think pieces, the duo’s approach to Hip Hop is bold, creative and exponentially eclectic, balancing good music with good intent. Due to the mild nature of Malaysians, some would even say they are brazen with their choice of topics and words used.

The flair in their lyrics also stems from the fact that they are both copywriters – creativity with words is in their core. Vix’s works have even received accolades at international advertising festivals.

With a distinct brand of lyricism and a selective choice of subject matter, their approach to rhythm and poetry is anchored on substance, targeting views amongst regular working class Malaysians.

Dose Two

Dose Two was formed in 2008


“Dose Two never cared about no pop-charts, Eatin up these ninjas like they breakfast, pop-tarts,” a line from Anak Antoo.

Dose Two has stressed out over and over that they’re not putting out music for fame and wealth. “Gold is not the goal, it never was” is the only description available on Dose Two’s official Facebook, along with a link to their discography.

In Anak Antoo, Dose Two reaffirms their stand regarding the matter –  that being on the pop charts is the least of their concern, and indirectly challenges the rest of Malaysian Rap scene to step up the game.

Dose Two have performed around Malaysia and Singapore and received attention and nods from various media channels.

What do you think of our local rap scene? Give them a listen and let us know!


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