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My 2Cents: Love Me or I’ll Kill You!

by Anna Yuu
Illustration nurse bomb

What’s there left to do when you find out your partner is cheating on you? Whether it’s a new or an old relationship, my one and only advice is this; DUMP THEIR SORRY ASS!

That’s what exactly a poor nurse did. She claimed to have broken up with her lover of seven years upon discovering he had been unfaithful to her. And last Saturday night, guess who had a homemade bomb or improvised explosive device (IED) planted in her car?

Illustration bomb in car

Illustration depicting the planted bomb

Following the victim’s suspicion that it was her ex-boyfriend who did it, the police has taken a 28-year-old man who admits being her former lover, into custody early today. He was also found in possession of several electronic devices and firecrackers believed to have been used to make the IED.

The 27-year-old nurse was headed home from work at about 10pm on Saturday when she heard a beeping sound coming from her car. Seeing as her uncle lives only a few minutes away, she drove over and asked for his help to check the source of the noise.

Superman hearing

I can hear it but where is it from?

It was a smart move that had potentially saved her life because when her uncle found a suspicious-looking object that looked like a bomb attached to the bumper of the car. They immediately contacted the police and a bomb disposal unit was deployed to the scene.

The team confirmed that the object – two cylinders wrapped in black tape, and wires as well as an electronic circuit board and a switch – was an IED and safely detonated it the next day.

IED nurse

The IED found near the car bumper. Source: The Star

According to Selangor CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Fadzil Ahmat, the police are still investigating the motive for the crime, with the suspect being remanded for four days until Thursday. He was formerly an electronics student at a private college in 2006, and previously worked as a salesman at an electrical store. Geez man, use your smarts for something useful, and trying to kill your ex is not in the list!

Apart from the victim’s suspicion, it’s still unclear why she was put through such an ordeal. Apparently, the suspect had requested for breakup fee from her, to which she refused. She was even forced to lodge a police report FIVE separate times due to his ceaseless harassments. I thought being stalked was scary, but this is some next level business altogether.

Scared gif

Accurate representation of my reaction

My 2CENTS? With the stories of whacky relationships and rancorous breakups circulating the air these days, suddenly the idea of growing old single doesn’t seem so bad anymore. I can be the crazy lovely cat lady in the neighbourhood, I’m sure!

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