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Get Creative and Stay Active with Puma

by Nashata K.

Usain Bolt will be lacing his kicks up with Puma’s Netfit – a customisable lacing system for their footwear – during his training for the World Championships in London.

Rather than just making shoes that suit every type of feet out there, Puma took it up a notch and invented Netfit, a technology to accommodate and cater to the various needs of athletes.

Netfit combines form-fitting base materials that are encased in a high-grade engineering netting so it gives its users the flexibility to vamp up their kicks to their heart’s content.

A wearer can simply thread the shoelaces through the netted mesh, making endless combinations that are unique to their sporty needs. The whole concept is designed to give wearers complete control and versatility regardless of style, shape and needs. Pretty nifty!

The options to lace up are pretty much endless but Puma has designed five lacing options as a form of guidance and they include Standard lacing, for runners who need minimal support, Stability lacing, for runners who need additional medial support, Wide Foot lacing, for runners with wider feet that need extra room, Narrow Foot lacing, for runners with narrow feet and Heel Support lacing, for runners who prefer a tighter fit around the heel.

You know it works when even the world’s fastest man is on board with Puma’s technology. “Sometimes you wish you could just design shoes purely tailored to your own feet and now you can. Plus, they look great, and that’s always the most important thing, right?” exclaims Bolt.

The way we see it, this is a great accessory in making a statement for the fashion conscious, apart from being very useful. The customisable lacing system allows users to get creative and weave their way through in unique styles of their own.

Netfit is applied to several Puma’s top sports and performance shoes which includes the latest Sportstyle silhouette – Tsugi Netfit, the performance trainer, Ignite Netfit, and the progressive sneakers, Limitless Netfit.

Tsugi and Ignite models are now available in Malaysia stores with each pair retailing at RM499 and RM699 respectively for both men and women. Limitless, on the other hand, will drop globally starting August 2017 and will retail at RM599.

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