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Malaysian Spends RM200K to Look like Anime Character

by Nashata K.
Miyyo RizOne

So we’ve heard about balsy individuals making headlines over the years with some pretty extreme plastic surgery procedures to impersonate their idols.

There’s that one Filipino guy who underwent 16 years of surgery to look like Superman, that Japanese model who spent over RM430K ($100K) to look like a French doll, that shocking story of a Brazilian male who offered an undisclosed but huge sum of cash to doctors so they could transplant his face with a dog’s real face, and that dude who spent a fortune to look like Barbie’s Ken. Obsessive, much? You be the judge.

The latest in extreme plastic surgery transformation hit pretty close to home – Kelantan to be precise. 21 year old Amirul Rizwan Musa spent an astounding RM 200K ($64K) to look like anime character Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy. For those of you who are unfamiliar, here’s a look at the character:


And here’s Amirul, see the similarities?

Waiting for iftar

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Kapalll tubanggggg

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Amirul, more commonly known by his moniker, Miyyo Rizone, has received some pretty hardcore backlash from netizens after pictures of his more recent transformation started becoming viral. The youngest of eight siblings say that some even go to the extent of ridiculing him face-to-face. He is however still grateful that many are supportive of his dreams.

“I have won the Ulzzang Asia competition online in 2012 and made the decision to undergo these surgeries after being offered to become a model,” said Amirul.

The late teen began undergoing the surgical process in 2014 which includes two operations that took place overseas. He believes it’s necessary so he could further succeed in his modelling career that started out three years ago.

“I’ve gained quite some popularity in the recent years but not like the responses I am getting today,” he commented.

Amirul chooses not to take to heart the negative critiques because he is being offered great opportunities in the acting industry as well as offers to be brand ambassadors for many organisations. Although he’s flattered and will consider them, he’s very much focused on cultivating and growing his own beauty products at the moment.

Beauty definitely stems from the inside but then again it is a matter of personal choice. How one intends on personifying themselves on the outside is entirely up to them, but we strongly advise consulting with a professional before making any kind of permanent changes – we’re sure nobody wants to end up looking like a botched up Barbie or Ken!

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