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The Trend of Marrying Yourself: Brilliant or Just Plain Sad?

by Nashata K.

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We’ve heard of people marrying all kinds of things. It’s as if humanity found a cheat code and holy matrimony doesn’t always have to involve a real-life partner (gasp!). From the Eiffel tower, to rollercoasters, to pillows, and even fictional characters – it seems like we live in a world of endless possibilities, at least where matters of the heart are concerned!

The internet has been seeing more and more people marrying themselves these days. Sologamy as it’s called, is what some are resorting to as the ultimate declaration of self-love, or even an extreme representation of individuality.

It also happens to be more popular among women in the US. The first ever woman to marry herself, Linda Baker, apparently did so some 24 years ago to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Brooklyn writer Erika Anderson also joined the proud tradition last year and things have been going her way ever since. “We’re living in a country where there are more single women than ever before,” Erika explained in an interview with ATTN. “We don’t have to depend on a man for economic benefit.”

Having a partner can be a lot of fun, but Erika’s self-marriage is a great reminder that romantic love is certainly not a requirement.

Love or hate sologamy, it seems to capture the public imagination, begging a variety of glib questions that people can’t wait to ask: Do you get to divorce yourself if you aren’t happy with yourself? If you sleep with someone, is it a threesome?

Writer, performer and UK-born sologamist, Sophie Tanner tied the knot with herself in May 2015 and describes the experience as “one of the best days of my life and I’d encourage anyone to marry themselves as it can only be a positive act”.

She’s been receiving plenty of attention from the media since and enjoys educating people about sologamy.

Image: www.catersnews.com

In her article, An Idiot’s Guide to Sologamy, she breaks down the dynamics of such a tradition and tries to address common questions and misconceptions about self-marrying.

Arguably a little too radical for some to grasp but it’s a thing folks! Sounds silly to most but it can’t be worse than that one English woman who tied the knot with a rock. No, not Dwayne Johnson, but an actual rock.

Interestingly enough, there hasn’t yet emerged a Malaysian, ready and determined to say ‘I do’ to herself. Any takers?

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