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Estee Lauder Pure Color Love, a Fun Experience for a Beauty Noob!

by Anna Yuu

Estee Lauder has released their latest lipstick line, Pure Color Love – a collection of lipsticks in 25 vibrant shades. With the themes ‘Basic is boring’ and ‘There are no rules’, the line boasts spontaneous, customisable looks with its special mix-and-match formula.

I have always been queasy whenever the topic of beauty arises. People around me know I had never touched make-up until I started working. And even now this is how I do it;

Pure Color Love Before

How I normally look. Key is ‘as long as I don’t look dead.’

A little lip stain for both lips and cheeks, done. Day or night, it’s the same make-up throughout. You could guess I’m not much of a beauty bug. The bosses thought it’s time to change that, hence why I was at Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Love roadshow in Sunway University yesterday – and I was floored.

Pure Color Love eventProfessional make-up artists were offering their services to put on any colour you’d like to try and you could guess – girls and guys –  were lining up for it.

Pure Color Love event

Didn’t I say guys were excited to try too?

Kaylee, a professional makeup artist and Estee Lauder beauty consultant, convinced me that she could produce different looks for me by just mixing and matching three colours. Intrigued, I said, “Bring it on.”

Behold, my transformation.

Applying on a transparent lip liner before the lipstick

Behold, my first transformation. Do ignore my sweaty forehead and frizzy hair, the venue was outdoor and it was really scorching hot quite warm yesterday.

Pure Color Love Innocent

Pure & Innocent look

Combining the Strapless and Blasé Buff shades, Kaylee produced this pure, innocent look of mine! I was surprised I looked so young and fresh despite the 10 kilograms of eyebags I had going on. It felt like a trip back to high school, with pink lips and a sweaty dewy face. (haha)

Pure Color Love Bold

Bold & Sexy look

The ultra-matte Love Object brings out the sexy in you. I felt bold and confident for a good 10 minutes there. I’m generally shy and very self-conscious, but the fact that I was wearing slippers and a baggy old T-shirt didn’t seem to matter anymore as I posed to my heart’s content at the camera.

Pure Color Love complete

Me with the person responsible – Kaylee!

Behold, my complete look! This is a combination of all three shades. I look – I dare say – great! I think this mix is the best shade for me. I looked energised and no longer tired, but not too overly daring either. Thanks Kaylee!


The shades used; Blasé Buff, Strapless, and Love Object

The shades used; Blasé Buff, Strapless, and Love Object

My verdict? The lipstick is suitable for long wear due to the combination of three oils – Pomegranate, Mango and Acai – that help condition and soften lips. I have fairly dry lips, yet they felt soft and supple even hours after applying.

Pure Color Love long wear

Four hours after application

I HAVE ONE PROBLEM: The line infuses sweet vanilla flavour into the lipstick and being a sweet tooth, I had to stop myself from chewing on my own lips throughout the day! For beauty bugs who can resist the temptation, you’ll enjoy the subtle aroma! Other than that, I absolutely love the mix-and-match formula, and with 25 shades ready the looks you can create are endless!

Try it yourself and tell us what you think!

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