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Keep Your Lips Juicy Soft With… a Fidget Spinner?

by Nashata K.

The invention of fidget spinners has spun us all in a good way – even those who aren’t even fidgety are totally bought into the idea. If you’re feeling a little bombarded with fidget spinner news, here is one more to round things out for you. Ready?

Buzzfeed has partnered with Taste Beauty, a brand known for its beauty products and came up with a dolled up version of the spinner. They’re calling it the ‘Glamspin’, a fidget spinner with a built-in lip gloss – three for each blade.

The lip gloss comes in three flavours – Peach Whirl, Grape Twist and Strawberry Cyclone. It will be made available in July but if this is your thing, you can supposedly pre-order one for $10 at Glamspin.

We’re all pretty aware about the recent craze that’s been hitting offices and school playgrounds with full velocity. Believe it or not, these so-called fidget toys were originally created to develop fine motor skills in children with autism and other special education needs.

All things considered, this new range of ‘fidget spinners’ were inspired to help those who, well – fidget. Perhaps to keep stressed-out office individuals from otherwise chewing their nails to the bone or drive their colleagues bonkers from nonstop pen clicking. If you’re a fidgety type, this little device may just be a lifesaver.

Perhaps a rather nifty thing to own if you’re one who has a compulsive need to apply lip balm throughout the day but at the same time, would like to keep your spinner spinning…? Whatever your reason, we won’t judge.

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