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Acuvue Shares the Importance of Good Eye Health

by Nashata K.

At Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue Define’s Exclusive Event – Defining Beauty with Healthy, Beautiful Eyes

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, frontrunner of soft disposable contact lenses today organised an event to champion their 1-day Acuvue Define contact lenses as well as discuss the importance of good eye health practices.

The event was also joined by Alicia Tan, Xiao Yu, Vanessa Tevi, Jojo Goh and Siti Saleha – advocates who all embody different lenses with respect to individual style and personality.

Alicia Tan showcases the Girl Next Door look with 1-Day Acuvue Radiant Bright

Xiao Yu showcases the Charming Intellectual look with 1-Day Acuvue Define Radiant Charm

Vanessa Tevi showcases the Charming Fashionista look with 1-Day Acuvue Define Natural Shine

Jojo Goh showcases the Career-First look with 1-Day Acuvue Define Accent Style

Siti Saleha showcases the Artist look with 1-Day Acuvue Define Vivid Style

1-Day Acuvue Define is a range of daily disposable lenses, specially designed to make Asian eyes look bigger by enlarging the iris and have currently 5 different variants to choose from.

acuvue-define-colorsRadiant Bright offers a mocha ring with brown and amber tones to lighten and enlarge the eyes while Radiant Charm features a grey ring with honey highlights for lightening and enlarging the iris.

Natural Shine is a dark grey ring encased with gold highlights to accentuate a sophisticated look and the Accent Style is a black ring for a more classic feel. Vivid Style is a variant that offers a brown ring to accentuate an energetic look.

Lawrence Kwan, Director of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

“Many brands in the market focus on basic appearances of the eyes like patterns and colours. Acuvue is most concerned with eye-health consultation for its wearers”, says Lawrence. Acuvue draws upon 2 key areas: Ensuring eye-health standards are met and the level of commitment displayed by their eye care professionals who are able to educate and assist wearers in the best possible way,“ said Lawrence Kwan, Director of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care.

Lawrence is a trained optometrist in Hong Kong and Australia as well as a former clinical trainer. He mentions that the technology of contact lenses has come a long way since the first contact lenses were invented in Asia and was met with tremendous success among Asians. According to Lawrence, the business was intended for the Asian market and will continue in its efforts to produce quality lenses.

In Malaysia, many consumers have defective iris conditions such as short sightedness but they also seek beauty elements when searching for lenses and Acuvue has successfully addressed this with comfort and safety in mind.

Acuvue Define is available at authorised retailers at the recommended retail price of RM172 for a single box of 30 lenses.

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