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Fujifilm Releases ASTALIFT WHITE Bright Lotion

by Nashata K.

DSCF0845Fujifilm Corporation has announced that the lotion of its ASTALIFT WHITE whitening skincare series will be launched as ASTALIFT WHITE Bright Lotion on March 1, 2017.

ASTALIFT WHITE Bright Lotion delivers an enhanced beauty effect combining whitening ingredient “arbutin” with Fujifilm’s propreitety beuaty ingredient, Nano AMA+ : a mixture between Nano AMA and ferulic asid to improve dullness on skin and create a firmer look and glow. The Nano AMA+ refreshingly hydrates the skin while clearing its dull apprearance.

DSCF0836A recent survey conducted by Fujifilm revealed that women around the average age of 32 feel they no longer look presentable wearing bright-coloured clothes and eye shadow due to dull skin. The findings seem to increase with age as it was found that 70% of women in their 40s notice this change as well.

Fujifilm has taken into account many beauty ingredients and brought them to an optimized balance, creating the Bright Up Texture to give women the skin they so desire. Women can also enjoy the damask rose scent that the ASTALIFT WHITE Bright Lotion for an elegant skin care experience.

The slim-line cylindrical container allows you to pump with ease. Also, it comes with a Smart Refill refilling system in which only a pump head needs to be removed and switched into a refill.

Priced at RM167.48, the 130ml beauty product will be available starting the 19th of April, 2017 and will be sold at Isetan outlets in KLCC, 1Utama and The Gardens.

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