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Introducing Luscious, a Cupcake Haven

by Nashata K.

Lisa T, owner and founder of Luscious, has opened her first flagship store in 1 Mont Kiara Mall. This is the first ever cupcake store to feature a cupcake disco floor. What makes the store a real looker is the cozy, chic interior, and lights that take the form of cupcakes that hang from the ceiling inside. Luscious’ cupcakes are creatively designed and vibrant. According to Lisa, her cupcakes incorporates different characteristics and flavours that many will find relatable to their personalities.


P1060280The name ‘Luscious’ was inspired because of the meaning of Luscious itself – rich, sweet, alluring and delicious, according to Lisa. The cupcakes all embody their own unique characteristic. The logo, which is Lisa’s lips itself, was inspired because of what the part suggests – food with an alluring twist. Luscious is still in the process of acquiring their Halal certification but Lisa assures that all their suppliers are Halal certified.


P1060226Some favourites are the Playboy and Don Juan cupcakes. The Don Juan in particular, is dressed in chocolate from top to bottom but is surprisingly not as sweet as one would imagine. With each cupcake telling a story of its own, the Don Juan is a good choice for those who crave chocolate but do not like an overbearingly sweet taste profile.

Luscious’s Green Tea Latte was pointed out to incorporate Japanese produced Maca powder. The high quality Maca powder is what ensures that their cakes and cupcakes are not artificially sweet. According to Lisa, by using high quality products, the natural flavours of their cakes and cupcakes are not masked so what you get is a nice, natural blend of bitter and sweet, rather than just plain sweet.

Luscious integrates local elements into their cupcakes. For instance, the ‘Lisa’ is a Sirap Bandung flavour that most Malaysians can identify with. The ‘Fazura’ combines Pandan and Gula Melaka and to inject a little humor into her creations, the Dato Sri and Puan Sri mini cakes are chocolate and raspberry flavours respectfully with macaroon toppings to signify wealth and success.

P1060219Being the only local cupcake joint to incorporate a cupcake dance floor, Lisa’s dream is to not only spread her cupcake goodness across Malaysia, but hopes to gain popularity on an international scale in the future. The concept of their brand itself is designed to give off a fun, dreamy and almost Alice in Wonderland vibe that aims to make people feel they are in a different atmosphere altogether.

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