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Libresse Kick-Starts Campaign to Advocate Realistic Period Experiences

by Nashata K.

Feminine care brand, Libresse, launches a campaign called ‘Let’s Get Real’ to trigger women into examining sanitary pad advertisements and the extent to which they reflect real period experiences. The campaign serves as a platform for women to express, discuss and dispel myths of period being a taboo subject.

The talkshow was joined by Petrina Thong (Solo Hitchhiker), Shazreen Fazlynda (Vlogger ) and Adibah Noor (Special Celebrity Guest) and hosted by Gurmit Singh

Through a series of online polls, Libresse managed to capture the honest insights of more than 5000 respondents who were able to shed light about the challenges and hardships women encounter during their period. The result of the poll makes it possible for a more pertinent communication and a realistic representation of period experiences.

According to the poll respondents, what they usually see on ads are girls skipping around in joy, wearing light coloured clothing and also playing some form of sport. It was found that 9 out of 10 respondents feel like period ads incorrectly depict women’s period experience.

Libresse invites all women to speak up about your period experience and join ‘Let’s Get Real’ – a campaign that advocates honest and accurate representations of what women go through. Visit www.facebook.com/LibresseMalaysia to share your thoughts.

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