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Guardian Ensures Quality with Prices That are Affordable

by Nashata K.

Guardian, the largest pharmacy chain in Malaysia has announced an uplift of their in-house brands, with the aim of offering consumers quality brands they can trust and at prices that are affordable.

Guardian has about 500 stocks of its ‘house brand’ or corporate brand products which are available exclusively at Guardian outlets in Malaysia and these products are dedicated to supply needs for every walks of life – infants, children, teenagers, young adults, adults and well into the golden years.

In light of the recent economic state, their corporate brand is being prioritised to bring consumers products that are well-tested and meets the standards and expectation set by without compromising safety measures and pricing at the same time.

The health and quality checks that Guardian enforces is a stringent one: According to Sarol Lin, head of Quality Assurance, Corporate Brand, Health & Beauty, Dairy Farm Group, Guardian has developed a three-step system that ensures Guardian delivers consistent quality.

All suppliers must firstly pass a professional third party factory audit before being approved to produce Guardian products after which mandatory quality checks are conducted to ensure quality before the products are marketed. Finally, all suppliers are closely monitored via third party factory audits.

All Guardian corporate brand products also come with a money-back guarantee policy to ensure consumers’ needs and satisfactions are met.

Head down to your nearest Guardian outlet today and grab their April’s catalog and stay tuned for exciting and upcoming promotions and campaigns!

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