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Restore Your Inner Zen with These Hobbies

by Nashata K.

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Okay – let’s take a moment and breathe. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can get pretty overbearing. Think about how much the human race has evolved (no, literally, take 3 seconds). Gone are the days where it was just person-to-person interaction. We now have the ability to interact with virtually anything, and anyone, anywhere. Even when we’re not paying attention, information has a sure way of making itself forcibly available and present to us. Couple that with everyday responsibilities and survival .. omigosh.

We’re like modern day, humanized atomic bombs of our time. Our minds are sponges – absorptive, curious and active. We multitask, maneuver, manage and try to maintain as much as we can. My point is – We set and reset our minds on the daily and we risk going into overdrive. Having said that, maintaining some form of equilibrium is vital, especially for our mental health and general well being.

Hobbies have the ability to set our minds free from our routines. Here are some hobbies that can help you un-box your mind, and just let it wander into your inner zen.


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Mounting up the great outdoors and seeking refuge in nature is a sure way to temporarily escape the white noises found in our concrete jungles. Lush greens, fresh air and the flora in such environments can really offer a healthy disconnection from the world we’re so used to. This hobby can bring us peace and tranquility and help us be introspective. Don’t just hike – use the opportunity to immerse yourself totally in the experience. The next time you go hiking, be it for a good workout or to catch the sunrise, bring along a journal and pen – write down all you see, experience, and look for new inspiration along the way.


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“Art” means many things to many people. Some people think painting on canvas while some think pottery, or origami. Some think photography while others think sculpturing, film-making or even poetry. The idea behind art is the production of something – paint to canvas, a melody to a song, a reeling of a film and so forth. There is something very beautiful and powerful about creating art and the satisfaction of completing a “piece” is immense. Though it will take time to perfect and study, visual arts is a very rewarding hobby to be involved in.


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Besides being a great form of physical activity, dancing can free your mind in that it helps you just shake it all off, literally. Dance is an expression, your body’s rhythmic understanding of the music surrounding you. Be it traditional, modern, ballroom, contemporary, or freestyle, dance is a sure way to kick the stress away and make a statement, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


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Literally meaning ‘one who writes beautifully’ in Greek, this ancient penmanship is a lot more than ‘beautiful handwriting’ or ‘ornate lettering techniques’ as defined by some. I’m sure we’ve come across a couple of calligraphers in our days and watched them as they swept their long brushes with curvasive strokes across blank canvases with such finesse and elegance, leaving us awestruck. While watching can be fun, achieving it on your own could offer more satisfaction. Practice does make perfect so channel your inner poet and hobby-away with this exquisite past time.


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Like everything else creative, cooking is in a league of its own (for obvious reasons!). You are the master of your own kitchen (or dish) and the possibilities are endless. From thinking up your own recipes, to just tuning in to AFC or youtube, there are literally a zillion ways to feel inspired. All thanks to the internet, everything you need to know is a mere click or two away. Once you’re confident enough, spruce up your cooking styles by trying new methods and cuisines.

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