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Hikaru: The Future of Automotive Care

by Nashata K.

Do you still remember the first day you picked up your new car at the showroom? Wasn’t the car shiny?  We explain a little about keeping that shine in this article.

For Malaysians, the weather is always hot. We can’t avoid the hot sun but we could apply sun block on our skin. But, how about your precious ride? Do you know that the clear coat on your precious car will fade off sooner or later and lead to dull color on the car? Losing excitement because your car does not shine like before? Do not worry. There is a solution here for busy people who still want their car to shine like a new car. The answer is Hikaru.

5 reasons to get Hikaru coating?

# 1 : Make car maintenance easier at home – It becomes easier to wash the car, as there’s an excellent level of water repellent. Save more time in washing car and save the valuable time to enjoy good moment with the loved ones.

# 2 : New car feel everyday – Gain back the memory of the new car look from showroom. Most of us will feel excited at the showroom when you pick up your brand new ride. With Hikaru, you will be able to cheer yourself everyday when you look at the brilliant shine car that you have paid so much for it since day one. And we are that it is at 40% shiner.

# 3 : Expert advice – There are too many coating experts in town, even typical “bawah pokok” car washer also comes with coating solutions. Ask yourself, are the solutions apply to your car safe and really long lasting? Hikaru Automotive has a group of experts who handle your car well with professional advice along with the superb Hikaru Automotive solutions. Let the experts do their job to redeem your satisfaction and smile. Oh yeah, did we tell you the term of expert is referring to all the technicians who are professionally trained but not self claimed expert.

# 4 : Hassle free guarantee – Hikaru offers you a guarantee up to 7 years! It means you will not have any complaints or concerns why your car would not shine like a new car and water retain on the surface of your car after heavy rain. As long as you listen to Hikaru Automotive then you may find the happiness of driving an ultra shine “new” car everyday.

Step-by-step To Regain The Satisfaction

# 1: Inspection round 1 – A trained detailer will check on watermarks, scratches, swirl marks, imperfections, blemishes, orange peels, clear coat thickness, etc. Then, the detailer will brief the customer about the status of their cars’ paint condition provided photos for proof

# 2: Deep cleansing – Wash the whole car with professional grade of shampoo. Stubborn stains will be removed by using Industrial steam cleaners and this is surely the best and safest non-toxic solutions to clean both the interior and exterior. Next, clay the car with premium clay bar in order to make sure the car is clean enough to be polished or waxed

# 3: Paint correction – A crucial process to remove all swirl marks, scratches, watermarks, etc.

# 4: Inspection round 2 – Close up monitor process by expert in order to check on the condition. Anything below the requirement still would be done by manual detailing.

# 5: Showroom standard – The car should be reaching showroom standard at this stage which means the whole car is just restored back to a brand new condition.

# 6: Coating time – The Detailer will apply coating layer on the surface. The nano-coating technology will sit on the surface of the car and form a ultra solid layer which will protect the cars from all kind of dirt, water, oil, mud, bird poo, etc.

Here are some before and after samples:

Contact Hikaru Automotive Sdn Bhd  at 03-56120303 or drive by to No.3, Jalan PJS 11/20, Bandar Sunway Industrial Park, 46150 Selangor, Malaysia for more information.

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