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5 Places That Should be on Everyone’s Bucket List

by Nashata K.

Image credit: pixabay.com

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving”  – Terry Pratchett

Travel is always good for the soul. It’s during these journeys of discovery that we truly find out who we are, especially those we embark on by ourselves.

We’ve probably made mental notes of what the next retreat will be like – big, exciting and simply wondrous. If you’re one to keep a bucket list, what are some of the places that have caught your attention? Here’s our list of places you definitely NEED to see at least once in your lifetime.

# 1 Observe the Northern Lights – Svalbard, Norway

Image credit: http://pcwallart.com

The holy grail of “sky entertainment”, this is one of the most wonderful spectacle to feast your eyes on. A dance of colours so mystically stunning and captivating, the Aurora in Svalbard (the most northern parts of Norway) is usually observable between November and February.

# 2  One of the best Milky Way sightings in the world – Death Valley, California

Image credit: http://asa100.com

Imagine a land with no lights and pollution to blanket the night sky. Death Valley is also known as the “land of extremes”. It is a vast national park with more than 3 million acres of wilderness and back-country roads.

Visitors come here for mountain biking, camping, dirt-biking and anything you can imagine doing in a open, barren land. Come night time, the skies are illuminated by a million diamonds in the sky –  sure to leave you awestruck and mystified!

# 3  Boat through Marble Caves – Patagonia, Chile

Image credit: http://mallincolorado.blogspot.my

Considered today what is the most beautiful cave network in the world, this marble cathedral is awe-inspiring because of its clear blue waters, remarkable structure, and ability to change its appearance.

In spring, the waters are turquoise so this gives the swirling walls a very crystalline shimmer. In summer however, the walls take a more unearthly shade due to bluer waters.

Not an easy destination to reach – Visitors would have to firstly land in Chile’s capital, Santiago. Following that is an 1200km drive to the next big city, Coyhaique. Then, a 300km off road ride that will eventually take visitors to the lake where the cave can be accessed via boats. A tedious and long journey but definitely worth the travel!

# 4  Visit the Amazon

Image credit: http://www.amazonriverexpert.com/

Visit the moist broadleaf forest in the Amazon biome that covers most of the Amazon basin of South America. This massive rainforest is home to at least 30,000 plant species, 1800 fish species and 300 mammals.

There are many, many ways to travel to the Amazon and plenty to do but some of the popular activities include whitewater rafting, canopy-gliding, trekking, and river-cruising.

# 5  See the largest mirror in the world – the Bolivia Salt Flats

Image credit: www.reddit.com

Best time to visit would be summertime. This 4,000 square mile patch of salt flat is situated in the middle of southwest Bolivia. What is interesting is that during the flood season, the patch turns into something truly amazing: the world’s largest mirror.

This is the result of thousands of years of transformations that dates back to prehistoric times. What makes the lake so flat and stunningly reflective is metres of salt brine that covers the surface. A great site to be in, especially if you’re an avid photographer!

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