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Storage As Flexible As You

by Superhero

In this day of age, it’s undeniable that the amount of storage space needed to store digital data has increases exponentially compared to 10 years ago. With one FLAC file being about 2GB in size, and a 4K resolution movie being at least 20GB in size, it’s no wonder that everyone is finding it easier to run out of storage space.

Obviously, the way to overcome a lack of storage space is to simply purchase more storage, and this is where external HDDs come in. Seagate’s range of external HDDs come in many shapes and sizes, and some of them a purpose-built to meet the various demands of the market.

Listed below are just some of the choices available to you:

Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drives

image source_seagate

Available in capacities ranging from 500GB to 5TB, these drives are easy to use and provide you with a simple way to transfer your data. If simple and easy are what you’re looking for, this is the HDD for you.

Seagate Wireless Mobile Storage

image source_androidos.in

If you’re someone who loves to watch movies on your smartphone while on the go, this external HDD should appeal to you. It has a Wi-Fi module in built, which means that you will be able to easily stream movies, photos, music and files, without the need of a USB cable. It only comes with 500GB of storage space though.

Seagate Seven  Portable Drive

Image source_ seagate1

For those of you who want to stand out from the crowd, Seagate’s Seven Portable Drive is your best bet. This external HDD’s casing is made out of precision-crafted premium materials and by its name, you probably would have guessed that it’s only 7mm thick.

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