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7 Economical Tips to Stay Cool During Hot Days

by Nashata K.

 Image credit: consciousnourishment.org

We all know what the weather’s like these days – humid with intermittent showers and thunderstorms that come without warning. It’s probably because we’re experiencing what is called ‘Low Season’ and this occurs between March and June every year. We’re looking at temperatures between 30°C and 32°C on the daily and it’s hot hot HOT! The humidity unfortunately, sticks around all year long and if we’re lucky enough, we may escape the annual haze but the real problem now is, how do we deal with all this heat, and not burn a hole in our pockets? Here are some economical ways to stay cool:
# 1 – Stay hydrated
This goes without saying really. Every cell and tissue in our bodies need water in order to properly function. Water is needed to lubricate our joints, excrete wastes and maintain temperatures. We tend to lose more fluids when we sweat, especially if we’re doing strenuous activities under extremely warm weather conditions.
Always carry a water bottle (or two) with you no matter where you are. Also, a good way to keep hydrated is to not wait until you are thirsty to drink, and stay clear of carbonated or sugary beverages. If you’re one who finds it hard to drink when you’re not thirsty, or simply find it hard drinking anything unless it has some flavoring to it, perhaps add a little lemon zest or anything that can provide natural flavouring rather than artificial sweeteners.
# 2 –  Use your existing products
Look in your cupboards and counters – you’re bound to find heaps of unused product like sunscreen, eye creams, body lotions and cooling packs. All these are great ways to cool off, especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the road or outdoors.
Place the said products in the refrigerator and store until slightly chilled. The cooling sensation is extremely refreshing, especially on really hot days. Besides being able to cool off, you’re also nourishing your skin. Win-win!
# 3 – Create your own makeshift air-cond
We’ve seen a lot of this all over the web. I’ve tried it myself and it’s not too bad! All you need is a small stand fan and a bowl of ice cubes. Turn on the fan, place the cubes just below the fan and spread cool misty air in your room. A good way to avoid a big, nasty electric bill at the end of the month!
# 4 – Gear up
A good way to dress is keeping it light. Avoid any kind of synthetic fabrics and stick to cotton. Cotton absorbs sweat and allows it to evaporate into the air unlike synthetic fabrics that do not let your skin breathe. Another tip is to dress using lighter colours as dark colours only absorbs and traps more heat. Looser clothes are also a good choice as it allows for proper blood circulation and does not trap heat.
# 5 – Switch off those lights
This tip is pretty self-explanatory. Most lights, even the environmentally friendly ones like LEDs radiate heat. Try to minimize the usage of bulbs and lights during the day and make use of all that natural light. Also, try to unplug all appliances and devices before you go to bed to reduce overall heat at home. A good way to save energy too!
# 6 – Get creative
Frequent cold showers are a huge lifesaver. Another thing you could try is refrigerating a damp cloth. Once the cloth has absorbed enough chill, just drape it over your neck and shoulders and leave it there until it turns warm. Rince. Refrigerate. Repeat.
# 7 –  Make use of free air-conditioning
Rather than cranking up your own AC, why not plan a day out with your family or friends? Rather than studying at home, schedule to study at a public library.  Or simply lounge around in the mall, or go ice-skating in Sunway Pyramid or i-City.

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