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A 7-Day Miracle by Amato

by Nashata K.

This month, I have experienced a miracle on my dull skin, thanks to a product by Amato!

A brand that originated from Japan, Amato still produces many of its products within the country. If this brand sounds unfamiliar to you, it’s probably because it’s a new brand here in Malaysia, and there’s yet to be any advertisements about this brand as of now. It’s also unavailable at departmental stores.

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Here are the different products currently available from Amato. There you go for the quick step-by-step guide along with the beauty of each products.

  1. Stem cell toner – lighten pigmentation, acne scar
  2. Salmon ovary essence – tighten pores, refine skin texture, brighten skin
  3. Stem cell serum – lighten pigmentation & brighten skin
  4. Placenta cream – reduce wrinkle & firming

While they can be used as standalone products, it’s best to use them according to the order they are listed above. Yes! It is just that simple.

You will realise an obvious improvement within 7 days. For me, my face has become firmer, and I’m a little fairer. The results were so apparent that my friends have asked me about what skincare I’m currently on. I am really glad to share this Amato set and highly recommend to anyone who want to improve the skin textures, skin tone, etc, within a reasonable budget.

Amato’s line of products definitely makes it to the 2cents Top Pick Award for its astounding and quick results.

If you’d like to experience this 7-day miracle for yourself, do contact Beauty2Cents through the following:

WhatsApp : +6012 2622 838

Facebook / WeChat : Beauty2Cents

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