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5 Gifts Your Tech-Crazed Friends Will Love You For

by Nashata K.

Image source: cielo24.com

Ever felt like you were at your end’s wit end and just plain unsure of what to present a close friend, family member or a special someone who is just ravenous about technology? Here are a few simple gift ideas worth considering.

Zoom Cellphone Camera Lens

Image credit: www.aliexpress.com

This detachable 8-12x optical lens has a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only does it allow its user to capture close-up shots from a remarkable distance, it can also convert the devise into a widescreen version of binoculars.  It also has a manual focus ring that lets him or her adjust for the sharpest image possible. The devise will also be scratch-free with the gentle clip-on design, and when it is not attached to the smartphone, it even acts as a monocle. A perfect gift for all those aspiring photographers out there.

Fizzics Beer System
Image Credit: www.cnet.com

Image Credit: www.cnet.com

This is sure to be a huge hit for a beer-loving pal. The Fizzics Beer System is a battery-powered beer dispenser that delivers a decent tavern-fresh pour using scientifically engineered fluid and gas technology. To dispense beer, simply place the can or bottle into the canister and insert the tube into the beer.  The whole idea of this invention is to turn store-bought booze into a freshly tapped brew from the convenience of your home.

Picture credit: Skybuds

Image credit: Skybuds

For a friend who assumes a pretty active lifestyle while still wanting to stay connected, Skybuds may do the trick. It essentially is earbuds that provide wireless connectivity to all devises but is absolutely cable-free. It also comes with a “passive noise cancellation” feature that blocks out outside noise for a more pleasant listening experience. These water-resistant buds allow your friend to listen to music, podcasts or just about anything that he or she needs when getting through the day.

goTenna Mesh
Image credit: backerclub.co

Image credit: backerclub.co

The goTenna Mesh is the first 100% off-grid, long-range and mobile network that pairs your smartphone to an available network even where there is no service or “reception”, as we call it. The awesome thing about this gadget is there is no need for routers or satellites, enabling you and your buddy to stay connected anytime and everywhere. The next time you two go for a hike, feel free to wander off from each other!

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker
Image Credit: www.slashgear.com

Image Credit: www.slashgear.com

This clever invention allows the user to attach Tiles (a small tag-like tracker) to virtually anything that is deemed as important such as keys, a bag or wallet so your mate won’t have to ever worry about losing or misplacing anything again. He or she can simply access the app through smartphone to make the Tile ring when it is out of sight. A practical gift for a forgetful friend!

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