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Dust Yourself Up and Make 2017 Awesome

by Nashata K.
Photo credit: Stockvault

Photo credit: Stockvault

Life is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? As we plough through with ardent promises made to ourselves in hopes for a better tomorrow, and lessons learnt along the way that only make us wiser.. and fiercer!

At times, we do fall, and rising up again feels like the most impossible feat, yet we often surprise ourselves and conquer even the deepest of our fears.

That mysterious unknown that life promises are inevitable but being blissful is a choice that we make. Here’s how to make the rest of your 2017 more meaningful!

Turn Your Aspirations into Actions

Ever wanted to rock-out your old guitar, or take part in a baking contest? Maybe you’ve always dreamt about pursing a degree in literature, or starting up your own food truck business.

Whatever they are, passions exist and they’re your psyche’s way of saying “Don’t let me go!”.

Our everyday routines and tight schedules may prevent us from entertaining such thoughts. There is always something more important, or things that require our immediate attention.

We begin to immerse in life as it “should be”, and forget that we ever had the power to make a change in the first place. As time passes by, what’s left of our passion is a faded, distant memory of someone we used to be.

Start following your dreams. Easier said than done? A big, resounding, YES. But taking the first, initial step goes a long way.

Dust up that old guitar and learn some new chord progressions. Set aside reachable targets and be persistent. You may land your very first gig in no time and that little voice in your head that keeps tellin’ you otherwise shalt soon disappear.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Yes, I’m sure this is an idiom most are all too familiar with. I’m not talking about swimming with the sharks when you’re obviously Selachophobic. Or swallowing your fears of heights as you unwillingly attempt to bungee off the nearest skyscraper. I’m talking about small changes. Anything that will help you GROW.

Getting out of one’s comfort zone can mean anything for anyone – taking a bus instead of the usual

LRT, trying a completely new dish at a favourite deli, taking up that new job offer, or simply deciding to move out from your parents’.

As creatures who crave security, we admittedly love the idea of being able to fall back onto something familiar. The fact is that we are innately ritualistic and symbolic in nature, and these comfort zones are somehow parts of our lives that serve as a constant.

Getting out of your comfort zone can help you identify creative elements you never knew you had, encourage problem-solving, and eliminate self-doubt. When we do something different, we learn to adapt to new surroundings and that paves the way for personal development.

Changing things up can do wonders, no matter how small the changes may be. Like the wise Heraclitus once said – The only thing that’s constant in life is change.

Let Bygones be Bygones

As we’re so often engulfed with emotions from events or people that break our hearts, or dampen our spirits, it is ultimately what we take from those experiences that shape us. Cliché? Arguably. But how many of us still hold onto past grudges, disappointments and hurt?

To what degree do we let past thoughts and hurt dictate our actions in the NOW?

It is virtually impossible to attract anything new to your life if your energetic space is occupied with much of the old. Be it an old flame, a dead-end job, or any kind of beliefs, hopes or fears.

The old serves as an anchor; a dead-weight, only pulling us down when we should be moving upstream.

By letting go of negative thoughts and focusing more onto the present, we suddenly view the world differently. What appeared to be shades of grey will slowly regain its colours and we start to see doors opening, opportunities presenting themselves in all shapes, forms and sizes.

Letting go means confronting emotional barriers, challenging irrational thought patterns and fears.

It means reducing that huge rock of past attachments to a mere pebble and reminding yourself how far you’ve come. Be proud!

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