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Digitise Your Wallet with the New Samsung Pay

by Nashata K.

Imagine having the option of leaving your credits cards at home while you shop, and simply swiping your mobile across a terminal for a smooth, cardless transaction. This is now possible with Samsung Pay – an app powered by Samsung, for a safe and easy payment experience.

Samsung announced its launch today in an effort to continue fostering the digital wallet trend in Malaysia. With over 5 major players in the banking industry already on-board for its latest mobile payment platform, Samsung is optimistic that these partnerships will bring about a more robust and convenient payment method and provide its customers with more digital platforms to make secure payments.


The app is available for selected Samsung Galaxy models, namely the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the S6 edge+, and the Note 5. Users are able to store up to 10 different credit and debit cards in the application and select the relevant card upon payment.

Using tokenisation technologies, the app is secured for its fingerprint activation feature. Upon fingerprint authentication, users can tap the terminal to complete the payment process. With 3 levels of security (fingerprint authentication, ­tokenisation, and Samsung Knox), the app does not only provide optimum security, but is also very simple to use.


The payment terminal combines NFC (Near Field Communication) and Samsung’s exclusive MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technologies that allows for this seamless and effortless transaction. Customers can tap their mobiles at any outlet that utilizes this terminal.

To win some exclusive Samsung merchandise, visit the Samsung Pay launch at Suria KLCC (Centre Court) between 10am and 10pm. The roadshow will be open to all from February 24th to February 28th.

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