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grandPad® Announces New Tablet Designed by Acer

by Nashata K.

Acer with the partnership with grandPad® is launching a new custom-built tablet for seniors, that integrates a wealth of new features to improve the overall user experience.

Introducing Acer’s new grandPad® with features such as a senior-friendly interface, clear instructions, large, easily visible icons, photo viewing, games, music, and access to local weather. The end result is a truly user-friendly experience that revolutionizes senior connectivity and communication.

The grandPad® also includes built in LTE connectivity, making voice and video messaging simple to operate. The touch of a single icon can start a call that connects seniors with loved ones.

“The new grandPad®  has been built from the ground up for seniors, and will enable us to further improve our level of service to seniors and their families,”  said grandPad® CEO Scott Lien.

The high-quality, dual front-facing speakers will make it easier for the seniors to hear loved ones speak during video calls with an increase in screen brightness and pixel density that give the user a brighter screen.

GrandPad® was built 10% larger holding area on the edges of the tablet for the easier handling with custom built case for protection.

With 5-megapixel camera on both the front and rear face of the grandPad®, photo taking and video sharing will become more intuitive along with the help of new flashlight and magnifying glass application that utilize the flash on the rear camera.

Besides having a Qi wireless charging dock to make the charging simple and removing the need for cords and plugs, grandPad® also offers a build-in customer support that includes access to highly trained live operators.

The grandPad® will be available in market this year. grandPad® is a privately held company based in Orange, CA. For more information, please visit https://www.grandpad.net or follow on Twitter @grandpad_social.

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