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Cooler Master Announces Partnership with Malaysia Battlefield Team (MBT)

by Superhero

Cooler Master, an innovative brand well known globally as a leader in designing and manufacturing award-winning computer components, cooling solutions and peripherals, has decided to partner with Malaysia Battlefield Team (MBT), one of Malaysia’s pioneer in eSports. MBT is made up of lively and positive minded gamers’ vying and competing for various titles locally and internationally.

Established on 15 September 2006, MBT has come a long way from its initial members which comprises of only 8 aspiring Malaysian gamers focusing on the “Battlefield” franchise. They recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary where team members from all age groups throughout the country who came together as one to celebrate the amazing milestone in a bonding meet-up at Kuala Lumpur. Since then, MBT has grown into a full-fledged community that has 60 members. However, they remain true to their cause, which is to build up the Malaysian gaming community and increase awareness of eSports in Malaysia. Their current focus has evolved from the initial focus of the “Battlefield” series to introducing a lively social and positive gamer’s community in the country by breaking negative stereotypes which as usually associated with gamers in Malaysia.


From L to R (Back row): Lim “ZyGoD” Chi Yuan, Mak “areS” Wai Lum, Ooi “Typherionn” Fei Hoong, Siow “Samfisher” Ai-Vern, Hashveen “Xenith” Singh, Choong “Guardian” Shung Fooi, Keegan “Keegs” Perez Tan. From L to R (Front row): Id “OldGeezer” Zh Ar, Quek “Quekie” Wern Shen, Nurhezri “Gest” Mohd Passin, Sayyid “Knight” Khairani Kamarudin, Chong “Yamsyyy” Chen How

With a decade of experience, MBT is not only well known in South East Asia for the “Battlefield” series, but also for hosting several community events locally. This include being the key organizer of CyberFusion 2015 in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. Cooler Master is enthusiastic to form a partnership with MBT for its strong track record in the growth of the gaming community & the eSports Division. Coincidentally, the eSports Division has set its eye on Overwatch.


Top from L to R: Mak “areS” Wai Lum, Choong “Guardian” Shung Fooi, Siow “Samfisher” Ai-Vern, Ooi “Typherionn” Fei Hoong. Bottom from L to R: Keegan “Keegs” Perez Tan, Lim “ZyGoD” Chi Yuan, Quek “Quekie” Wern Shen, Chong “Yamsyyy” Chen How.


As the official partner of MBT, Cooler Master will support MBT by providing Cooler Master range products such as Case, Power, Thermal Solutions and Peripherals.

Commenting on the confirmation of Cooler Master partnership, founder of MBT, Nurhezri Mohd Passin on behalf of the team took the opportunity to express their gratitude and vowed to increase their efforts towards building up the gaming community in the country and to increase awareness of eSports.

Malaysia Battlefield Team (MBT), Overwatch Division

  • Choong “Guardian” Shung Fooi
  • Quek “Quekie” Wern Shen
  • Yeo “Methium” Wai Kit
  • Chua “JameaPlays” Yi Jin
  • Keegan “Keegs” Perez Tan
  • Christopher “hifriends” Velu
  • Siow “Samfisher” Ai-Vern
  • Lim “ZyGoD” Zi Yuan
  • Chong “Yamsyyy” Chen How
  • Ooi “Typherionn” Fei Hoong
  • Mak “areS” Wai Lum



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