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See, Feel and Own Your Moment of Truth

by The Queen

Its movie night and the family have unanimously decided to revisit the 1993 film adaptation of Michael Crichton’s classic novel, Jurassic Park. Great, you thought; yet another perfect movie to test your Samsung curved SUHD TV’s glorious colour palette. And what can be more relaxing than skipping queues and spending Saturday nights with the family in the comfort of your own home cinema?

Moments after popping in the Blu-Ray version of this legendary blockbuster, the familiar intro, courtesy of John Williams’ fantastic score, sweeps over a wave of nostalgia and excitement. The gentle Brachiosaurus and fearsome Tyrannosaurus that looked incredibly real 23 years ago, is now almost popping out of the TV screen and you can see every detail – teeth, scales, claws, and all.

Throughout the 2-hour dino-movie, you can’t help but admire the vivid colours of these majestic creatures and even catch yourself wondering an escape plan from the intelligent Velociraptors that seems to keep outsmarting the humans. Watching it in 4K resolution has made the viewing experience ever more realistic; making you hold your breath and grip the edge of your seat every time these raptors hunt. By the time the credits roll, you are not only thrilled with the immersive experience but pleased that your Samsung TV has once again performed beyond your expectations. This is TV.

Samsung’s curved SUHD TV is beyond any new-age TVs, satisfying entertainment needs from the comfort of your home. Whether you are hosting a party or spending time with family, this curved TV promises breath-taking viewing experience with its exceptional contrast and life-like colour expressions, putting you in the middle of all the action. Spending time at home and skipping the cinema does not sound like a dull idea anymore now that you have an impeccable TV waiting for you when you return.

This TV is destined to grace your home for quite a while too as it is built-to-last. There is less worry on the burn-in panel – imprint burned on the screen from repeating images over time, and more TV enjoyment even after long hours of display. Then there is an added peace of mind because the TV is covered with the brand’s 24-month warranty. Combining the latest technology and exquisite design to match, the SUHD TV is both sturdy on the outside and inside, and sports a sleek design with a smooth bezel-less curve for added stylishness.

Samsung holds a strong reputation as a brand that delivers true quality and continuous commitment to consumers through its products and services. Looking past its credentials and global recognitions, appraisals from owners worldwide speak volumes on the trustworthy and credibility of the TV as well as the brand’s customer service. With a quick and responsive Customer Care team ready to assist and troubleshoot issues, you can be assured of complete post-purchase care, assistance and security for your curved SUHD TV.

So whether you are catching the old classics with the family, bonding with your buddies over a football match, or binge-watching the latest Korean drama, witness the purest picture quality on the highly durable and trusted Samsung curved TV – and discover your very own moment of truth.

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