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Malaysian Women Suffer in Silence

by The Queen

Vaginal Dryness was found to affect a woman’s quality of life

Women’s intimate health is considered a taboo among women of all ages. Vaginal Dryness or Vulvovaginal Dryness in menopause is caused by the decreasing production of sex hormones like oestrogens. Less vaginal fluid is produced in the vagina and the skin becomes thinner and more fragile. This can result in considerable discomfort to women suffering from the condition.

A recent Nielsen survey conducted in Malaysia which was commissioned by Dr. Wolff Germany has revealed that Vaginal Dryness can seriously affect the quality of life of Malaysian women. About two thirds of Malaysian women experienced some form of physical and emotional impact such as emotional distress (73%), mood swings (72%) and fatigue (62%) as a result of Vaginal Dryness while over one in two encountered poor quality of life in terms of bonding with theirspouse or partner (69%), confidence (55%) and overall health (55%). “

We often find that many women are not aware of Vaginal Dryness nor do they realise that this condition can affect any woman regardless of age. Thus, an open discussion about Vaginal Dryness and the treatments are very much needed to help women improve their quality of life.” said Dr Sharad Ratna, Consultant OBGYN and Reproductive Specialist, The OBGYN Centre @ Bangsar South, Wisma Life Care.

The Malaysian survey also revealed that when the women were faced with Vaginal Dryness, three in five sought treatments (58%) with the three most common treatments being feminine hygiene washes(31%), medical lubricants (20%) and medical gels (16%). The use of these products could have made the condition worse as they may irritate the vaginal mucosa or may lack skin-soothing properties. Additionally, findings from the survey further uncovered that only 10% of the women who sought treatment were totally satisfied with the treatment methods used.

For many women, water-based formulas (gels) which are commonly used to deal with this problem are not suitable as these products lack the skin nourishing effect of lipids. Vagisan® Moisturising Cream is the first hormone-free cream to treat and relieve discomfort due to Vaginal Dryness. It has a double effect as it provides both moisture and soothing lipids. Most importantly, it can be used inside the vagina (with an applicator) and also on the external genital area. Vagisan® Moisturising Cream is no longer a secret tip. “


Dr Sharad Ratna, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at OBGYN Women’s Specialist Clinic; Dr Iris Schmidts Winkler, Medical Advisor for Gynaecology from Dr August Wolff Germany; Ms Yip Sook Ying, Registered Pharmacist and a Council Member of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society; and Ms Daphne Nasir, the panel discussion moderator.

We want to let women know that there is help for their problem. Vagisan Moisturising Cream is a great product to treat Vaginal Dryness. It does not disrupt your hormone levels or any medication used. It is not too late or too early for well-being in the intimate area” said Dr Iris Schmidts Winkler, Medical Advisor Gynaecology, Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co, Germany.

Vagisan Moisturising Cream 50g will be available in major pharmacies throughout Malaysia from 1 November 2016 at the recommended retail price of RM89.00.

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