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GP Batteries Guarantee 100% Safe Charging Solutions For Consumers

by Superhero

There are plenty of imitation power banks in the market. If you have no clue on how to pick up an original power bank, how about going for a well-branded choice?

GP Batteries are 100% genuine and can be found at Plaza Low Yat and Mydin, USJ Mall, Subang Jaya. There are kiosks set up there and they provide hassle free solutions to consumers by displaying a full range of GP Batteries primary batteries (Alkaline), portable power banks, rechargeable batteries and charger, on-to-go accessories such as USB & sync cable, car charger, etc.

Furthermore, GP Batteries kiosks provide free charging solutions for any customers who need immediate solutions to charge the phones during operating hours. We’ve spoken to the well-trained promoters and they are pretty good in explaining the products’ USP to consumers. Unlike some resellers who just aim to sell the products without proper product training. So it helps consumers to choose a right solutions upon request and purpose and yet within budget.

GP Batteries is well known in manufacturing & marketing primary batteries over the years. It was founded in 1964 with more than 50 years experience in electronic industry. Recently, GP Batteries have started going into portable power bank business and also adding the new line up of on-to-go accessories into the family. GP Batteries power banks have been tested with UN38.3 Lithium ion battery safety test, which is 100% safe to bring on board.


Another good news is GP Batteries concept kiosk will always offer consumers a lot of exclusive offers from time to time. The locations of the GP Batteries concept kiosks are located at,

Lot No 1-K026, 1st Floor, Plaza Low Yat, Kuala Lumpur

Lot No FP-13A, 1st Floor, Mydin USJ Mall, Subang Jaya


You may find out more about GP Batteries with the link below,


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