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10 Reasons to Visit the KL International AV Show Today

by Superhero

10) Experience Dolby Atmos

IMG-20160722-WA0042Dolby Atmos is one of the best surround sound system in the market today, and you can experience it right here at the KLIAV! Pioneer has a range of the latest equipment that supports Dolby Atmos, so drop by their booth to hear what a home theater system should really sound like.

9) Experience Dolby DTS:XDSC02569_1

Dolby DTS:X is the latest open architecture system that can be implemented in theaters and home theater systems. How it differs from Dolby Atmos is that this solution can be easily adopted by manufacturers. It supports high fidelity audio up to 96kHz and is fully backwards compatible with DTS-HD Master Audio. Pioneer has several equipment already certified with DTS:X here at the KLIAV.

8) The Latest in Image Quality

DSC02565_1Sharp has a TV that supports 8K resolution, so if you’re looking for nothing but the best TVs, you’ll find the here. In addition, JVC has a 4K projector, for those eager to set up a home theater system.

7) Plenty of Accessories

DSC02626_1You’ll find high-end HDMI cables, RCA cables, and almost any other type of connectors you’d need for your audio system right here.

6) Custom In-Ear Monitors Moulding Zone

DSC02600_1If you love music, one of the best ways to enjoy it, is to use custom in-ear monitors. Over at the KLIAV, Jaben has an area dedicated to creating moulds of your ear canals to make it easier to recommend universal in-ear monitors, or immediately order your very own!

5) Plenty of Things to See

BCK_6145_1With exhibitors spread across four floors, there’s no shortage of things to see! This includes plenty of beautiful ladies.

4) Storage Solutions

DSC02618_1Music is now enjoyed in a digital form, and this means that you’d need some form of storage solution. QNAP has a booth here, where they’re showing of the latest storage solutions, such as Network Attached Storage (NAS).

3) Exclusive Previews

DSC02624_1Being the largest AV show in KL, it’s only natural for exhibitors to showcase the latest products. Some of these products have not officially arrived in Malaysia yet, so you can boast that you’ve experienced the latest in AV if you come on over to the KLIAV.

2) Stock Clearances!

DSC02628_1Again, because the KLIAV show is the largest of its kind, there are exhibitors who are eager to get rid of ageing stocks. It’s the best time to go deal hunting!

1) We’re Here!

DSC02639_1That’s right folks, we’re actually here at the KLIAV show! Drop by to get your hands on our inaugural issue and meet our friendly staff!


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