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Industrial Expert: Professional Car Tuner

by The Queen

What is tuning?
In every modern car, there’s something called the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which determines how the engine behaves. By default, the ECU is tuned to prolong the engine’s lifespan. We tune the ECU to burn a little leaner, to avoid fuel wastage and increase the horse power and torque of the car.

Can all cars be tuned, and what sort of cars do you mostly tune?
Yes, all cars can be tuned. I mostly deal with Japanese Dosmetic Market (JDM) cars. It doesn’t matter if it’s naturally aspirated (NA), supercharged, or turbocharged.

Most cars are NA. How does tuning affect NA cars?
NA cars won’t get huge power gains via tuning, but we usually can enhance the low-end torque, thus improving acceleration. Turbocharged cars are the ones who really get the most out of a tuning.

2011 Mustang GT dyno CORSAWhat are the different ways of tuning a car?
There are several ways. We can re-flash the stock ECU, add on a piggyback ECU, or replace the ECU with an aftermarket one. The difference between these options is the desired end result. Those who desire more power will of course have to purchase an aftermarket ECU.

How are the improvements of a tuning session measured?
We use a dyno machine. This machine shows us a chart that depicts the car’s torque and hp.

What are the risks of tuning a car?

Tuning is actually a very safe affair. The owner and the tuner must communicate to agree on the expected results first. Once this is done, the tuner can work on the tuning. Of course, if the owner decides to blindly follow dyno results, there definitely will be a risk of engine failure.

Why would anyone want to tune their cars?
The most obvious reason is to squeeze more power out of their cars. Also, tuning a car can also reduce fuel consumption.

IMGP5155Apart from tuning, what else can customers expect from Power House Racing?
We also do regular car servicing, so we can change your car’s engine oil, and little repairs here and there. We also have a dyno machine here, for you to learn more about your car’s performance.

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