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Tips For Healthy, Gorgeous Skin This Summer!

by The Queen


Hot summer always hitting us! Check out our cooling remedy to keep a healthy skin


Water Content: 96.7%

Cucumber is the best refreshing food during summer, its moisture content is the highest out of all foods. In fact, there are tons of things you can do with a cucumber: Salad, yogurt, pickle, smashed cucumber, etc.  Get the recipe for cucumber juice: juice the cucumber first, followed by the apple, ginger, lemon and celery. Either drink it plainly or pour over ice. So, enjoy your cool refreshing and healthy cucumber juice!


Water Content: 95.6%

Lettuce sandwiches playing a very important role in a main course or easy-to-make side dishes during summer due to its healthiness and refreshens. Cut the iceberg lettuce into 4 thick slices and place each on top of the mayonnaise. Spread more mayonnaise on top of each lettuce slice and season with lots of salt and pepper. Layer a few leaves of garden lettuce on top and finish each sandwich by topping it with the remaining slices of bread. Slice the sandwiches in half and serve with the lobster. Done!


Water Content: 95.4%

Celery is well-known as the one of the healthiest food. It is a very low-calorie food, a stalk of celery provides 6 calories to the body. Celery’s high percentage of water and and dietary fiber can effectively suppress appetite. In addition , celery is also rich in folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin K. Celery also helps in neutralising stomach acid. It is also an effective treatment of heartburn and other symptoms.

Water content: 95.3%

Radish is definitely a summer food. Its taste in sweet and spicy. It is bright in colour with crisp texture. You can mix together it with other vegetables in salad for better appetite.


Green Pepper
Water content: 93.9%

All the fresh peppers contain a lot of water, especially green peppers . It contains antioxidants. If you are not the fan for carrot, celery and other vegetables for salads , green peppers would be a best replacement.

FullSizeRender (1)

Water Content: 94.5%

Tomatoes are good in rehydrate and replenish your skin. Mixing with grapes, cherries and other food in liquid based would be better. So, it is suggested to be consumed together with grapes, cherries and other foods for greater hydrating content.


Broccoli / Cauliflower
Water Content: 92.1%

It also known as cancer-fighting food, lower cholesterol, promote optimal eye health and aid digestion. A few studies in the past have found out that broccoli can effectively reduce the risk of breast cancer.


All you need to do is take a break from your normal busy routine. And start enjoying the remedy from us!

Enjoy the Summer!


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