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Deep Scan: Marshall Stockwell Review

by The Queen

The Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth speaker not only looks good, it sounds great.

Meet the Marshall Stockwell, a Bluetooth speaker that looks just like a mini guitar amplifier.



You get a slim speaker system that’s only about 10mm thick, and 260mm in width. While this is big in terms of portable speaker dimensions, it’s still small enough to fit into most notebook bags. It will add a significant amount of heft to your bags.

The Stockwell is primarily a Bluetooth speaker system, but it also has a 3.5mm input jack for you to connect devices that don’t have Bluetooth, like old-school MP3 players. It also has a USB port at the rear that is able to charge your smartphones or other devices. Unfortunately, it’s only an output port, so you won’t be able to play music from USB flash drives.

In terms of usage, the Stockwell is pretty easy to use. All of its controls are located up top, and its volume, bass and treble buttons are actually retractable analog knobs, making it easier to fine tune both the volume and audio characteristics. There’s also a “Pair”, “Source” and “Phone” button, which are pretty self-explanatory.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Stockwell has an integrated lithium-ion battery pack that would give you up to 25 hours of battery life. This allows you to use the Stockwell without the need to plug it in, making it a great speaker for small parties.

The Stockwell is effectively the loudest speaker system in its class. For those who love more technical specifications, it has a frequency range of 50 to 20,000Hz and offers up to 27W of RMS.

To test the Stockwell, we played a variety of music genres. In all the songs, the bass was natural and the mids and highs were excellent. However, it’s not recommended to push the Stockwell to its maximum volume, because the bass will distort. To counter this, you can reduce the bass, but this will result in the music sounding flatter.

The Stockwell is a really impressive wireless speaker system. It sounds great, and looks just as great. Sadly, it is slightly pricey as well, with a price tag of RM1,599, it’s something not many will want to invest in.

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Style-designed portable Bluetooth speaker. Its also fully equipped with 25 hours long lasting battery life.


Battery: Up to 25 hours
Max output: 27W RMS
Frequency range: 50-20kHz
Connectivity: 1x 3.5mm input, Bluetooth

Alcom Networks Sdn Bhd i 03 – 9286 2888

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