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Tech Now: Keeping Your Child Safe With Just A Click And A Wrist Away

by The Queen

QQ-Watch-164QQ watch is the world’s first child smart watch with both cute and safe smart device which is totally user friendly to your child. QQ watch is able to take picture with this invention, your kid’s safety is just one wrist away. It is accessible to Tencent big data platform which consist of Tencent Map, Tencent Big Data and Tencent foundation.

QQ-Watch-243QQ watch comes with 3 different colours which is yellow, blue and pink. The entire watchband size is just 41.5 x 16 x 57mm, not too big and not too small to wear it. It can wear it in variety style as a forthright watch, lovely necklace and can be used as a pocket watch. With this different wearing style could help to match with different clothes, especially for girls. The screen is an unprecedented OLED (Organic Light – Emitting Diode) large screen to help you visualize the experience with 128*128 HD resolutions, 7millisecond rapid speed response. One of the most important points for designing 1.12 inch huge OLED screen is to help protect kids’ eyes and maintain their eye sight. The material of the QQ watch made from food grade silica gel. It already passed the infant food grade safety level. The material is free from allergy, anti-static. The product takes good care of your kid’s health as well. The Nano waterproof technology lets the children play water without worrying about anything. The latest NANO waterproof technology has the protect level up to IP65. It is spill anti resistant -perspiration and dust. With this technology it will let your kid to play in any environment like the amphibian can be lived in the water and land. QQ watch implanted the latest direct structuring antenna into the dial plate to avoid interference of internal signals. The signal will be more stable, communication will become smoother. It helps to reduce the trouble from interference and loosing connection. The language comes in English and Bahasa Malaysia.


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