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Styling Your Hair Just Got Simpler: Fii Beauty Arrives In Malaysia With Their Cloud Curler Scrunchie 

by ikalmayang

Singapore’s emerging pragmatic beauty brand Fii Beauty has officially launched in the Malaysian market with its flagship product — the Cloud Curler Scrunchie. A combination of a curler and scrunchie, the creative invention is a heatless, natural curler for the everyday woman to get her hair done effortlessly. 

3. Cloud Curlers in Pearl Ivory and Caviar Black coloursThe stylish scrunchie went viral on TikTok  with over 6.8 million views since its launch in 2022, with one being sold every 12 minutes and is now making its way to Malaysia.

Made with 100% premium Mulberry Silk (Grade 6A OEKO-TEX certified), the scrunchie retains moisture and locks in the hair’s natural oils to prevent dry and excessively frizzy hair. The unique choice of material also reduces breakage and results in smooth and shiny curls that last longer than other heatless curling methods. It works exceptionally well for people with dry or damaged hair, and it even does the trick for sleek straight ones. The easy-to-use curler can also prolong the life of salon-styled perms, preserving the shape and shine of the luscious locks without the need for any heat. 

1. Fion, The Founder of Fii Beauty

Fii Beauty’s founder, Fion Foo shares the reason behind the success of the product, “Results with the cloud curler scrunchie are evident from the first use, it’s simple, easy and effective — it resonated with Singaporeans. Making our way to Malaysia, we want to mirror the same effect here; simplify hair routines for busy women who want to bring out their individual style, without the hassle of using damaging tools.” 

For natural-looking soft, wavy or tight curls, the curler is best left overnight as it neatly wraps the hair in a bun. But with its dual role as a tool and accessory, it can just as easily be worn in the day, to flaunt the brightly coloured scrunchie as it works its magic on the hair. 

Aligned with the brand’s mission to uncomplicate styling and help women embrace their natural beauty, the two-in-one curler makes getting ready fast and effortless. 

2. The sensational Cloud Curlers

“Fii Beauty was born out of a personal desire to empower women to feel and look confident in a hassle-free way. As a working woman myself, I know it’s hard juggling with the brushes, clips, pins and whatnot every single morning.” Fion adds, sharing her vision for the brand.  “But with this cloud curler, you can get your hair to look like you’ve spent hours styling it, but it’s actually just a fraction of the time, without any of the hair damage.” 

The curler is available in Malaysia in six distinctive hand-picked colours — Pearled Ivory, Roasted Almond, Botanical Garden, Chateau Pink, Moonlight Blue and Caviar Black. These colours have been strategically selected to suit the clothing style and skin tone for Asian women and are designed to fit every occasion. Its arrival was marked with a launch event on the 27th of April 2023, where Fion carried out a live demonstration of the use of the product. 

4. Fii Beauty team with the Media & KOLs from Malaysia for their launch

As celebratory gesturing marking the cross-market launch, the brand has announced a 15% storewide discount, available until 14th May 2023 with the promo code “MYBOLEH”.

To find out more about Fii Beauty and to buy their cloud curler scrunchie, please visit https://www.fiibeautysg.com/ 


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