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5 REALISTIC NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS (that you can actually keep next year)

by ikalmayang
  • Be at peace with everything around you


Perhaps this is a big resolution to start with, but it doesn’t have to start in the coming year – in fact, this can be something you continuously strive to achieve – a sense of peace and understanding that life and the world at the moment is not a very happy place.

The idea that you can change the world is a beautifully selfless notion, and certainly we need to do our part to be responsible members of society, but that doesn’t mean that we need to take things personally when things aren’t good, or happy.

Learning to cultivate a sense of peace that the betterment of the world is a continuous process, doing your part and all the while understanding that your wellbeing is just as important.


  • Take up something practical

The Renaissance pioneered the interest and development of intellect and culture – the enlightenment reached new heights when people started to develop intellectual breakthroughs, but rarely do we ever acknowledge the practicalities of daily life in modernity, especially when we, as human beings, have achieved incredible technological advancement over the last millennium.

Perhaps it’s time to take up something more practical. Basic life skills help improve our troubleshooting abilities, in that we’re able to suss out problems and find solutions. We become all-rounders and useful people.

Just ask yourself this – if there was a zombie apocalypse in the near future, what would your contribution be? What can you bring to the table to ensure your own survival? Perhaps sewing? Cooking? Basic first aid?

  • Care about something more (and care less in general)

As you get older, you will find that you have no time to ‘sweat the small things’. Especially if you’re busy trying to improve your life, chase your ambition and ensure you have a great future ahead of you.

These are the things you need to care more about – your aspirations, your goals, family, friends and people you love should be given better priority, and things like gossip, difficult people, pettiness, should all be left behind. Learn to shrug those off and move on towards your achievements.


  • Take better care of your health

The older you get, the faster your body deteriorates – which is why it’s important to take better care of your health. Regular exercise, and adopting mindful eating are important, too, but it’s also a priority to go for annual checkups. Getting a professional opinion when something in your body feels off can help prevent more complications the older you get. 

Wearing sunscreen is also very important – especially because your skin gradually loses its elasticity and ability to fight off harsh UV rays the older you get. Cultivating a habit of wearing proper skincare and sunscreen is important.

Check out our previous post HERE to find out the types of sunscreens that work best for your skin.


  • Own Your Being

Finally, own your being. This means that through life’s trials and tribulations, owning your persona, your character and sticking to your values is the only thing that helps you tether yourself in the constantly fluctuating world.

Being comfortable with yourself, and your values is imperative to navigate the years to come, and you can start by reflecting on what makes you happy, what your habits and patterns are, and ultimately what you deem as worthy of your time instead of forcing yourself to stick to something you know you won’t like.

Just because everyone else is getting into yoga doesn’t mean you need to, and just because people are being difficult, doesn’t mean it should affect you.


Overall, a new year can mean the same for some, but to others it can also signal a fresh new change. Regardless of the motives, a new year might bring different things, and being open and welcome while continuously improving your own self is the best course of action.


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