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Medical frontliners get 70% off with SOCAR this MCO

by Grace Sundram

During this COVID-19 crisis, transportation has become less accessible due to the nationwide Movement Control Order. With limited alternatives available, we understand it is rather challenging for those who are battling to fulfil their duties every day, especially our medical frontliners.

To support our medical frontliners during this tough time, SOCAR is providing all doctors, nurses, and medical staff across Malaysia with the convenience of 2,000+ cars ready for service all over KL, JB, Penang and Ipoh. Get 70% OFF SOCAR bookings, with a special promo code. On top of that, SOCAR also provides FREE car delivery with SOCAR-2-YOU.


To be eligible for this promo, you can check this link out and submit a form for verification. Once verification is successful, SOCAR will send an email to notify that the promo is issued to your account under ‘My Coupon’ book.

Here’s how you can book a SOCAR with 70% off:

  • Download the SOCAR app.
  • Register as a member.
  • Book a SOCAR OR choose SOCAR-2-YOU for FREE car delivery.
  • Apply the special promo code in the ‘Promotion’ tab upon checkout.
  • Complete booking.

For further information, contact SOCAR Customer Support via Live Chat, through the SOCAR app.


If you know someone who is in the medical industry, we hope you can do your part by passing this message on to them. Let’s stand hand in hand and continue to support our frontliners who are fighting to win this war with their hard work, courage, and sacrifice.

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