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Haters gonna hate but always remember this: they want to be you

by Grace Sundram

When it comes to haters, we can’t deny that we all have them. There will always be that one individual from your past life that can be absolutely sad and pathetic. That one individual that will try to discredit and devalue your accomplishments with all their heart. It’s like their main goal in life is to make you miserable and they will never stop until you do.


No doubt, haters were once your “good friends” and as much as that breaks your heart to admit it, it is true. You don’t make haters out of strangers, only from people that are close to you. Understandably, no one likes it when there are people out there who secretly or “knowingly” are mean to you. Though the truth is that having haters is almost inevitable especially when you have something they don’t have. Nevertheless, as time goes by, all the hate that comes from that will eventually become fuel for success. It will end up giving you the confidence and drive to prove them wrong whilst shoving your success at their faces.


One way to not stoop on their level is by changing your mindset from negativity to positivity. Haters are not necessarily your enemies. Their plan is to validate you in front of everyone which in overtime it will make clear to everyone about their motives. Thus that repressed admiration will mean they hand you the success on a silver platter. They will accidentally screw you up in just the ways that you need. They so want to be you, they just can’t help themselves.


Regardless of whatever they may be to you, if you ain’t got no haters, you definitely ain’t popping. And if that doesn’t speak the truth, then honestly what will. You can honestly be the nicest person ever and is loved by everyone, but one thing about reality is that you can never run from your haters. So all you got to do is put your head high and keep doing you because, at the end of the day, they’re telling your success stories for you. Like the saying, whoever that tries to bring you down is already below you so just be you.

Pictures by Katarzyna Grabowska, Elijah O’Donnell, Brooke Cagle, Kinga Cichewicz & Trung Thanh

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