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Malaysian Jazz/Blues Singer, Dani Komari Releases her Single “Circles”

by Natasha Christopher

Just think of the legendary Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Etta James. What do all of them have in common musically? Their raspy voices have put them on the map of the world. In Malaysia, dare I say, we have our very own raspy voice queen that is conquering few of Kuala Lumpur’s jazz/blues/soul loving establishments. She enjoys performing her own originals which puts a spin on classics jazz music.

While she’s been performing regularly, her unique voice and engaging originals has granted her invitations to perform at various festivals such as the IP Jazz Festival 2017 (Johor) , JB International Arts Festival (Johor) 2017, and also the Publika Jazz Festival (Kuala Lumpur) 2017.

Her efforts has also opened up collaborative doors for her to work with a few of Malaysia’s best musicians like Dasha Logan, Michael Veerapen, Lewis Pragasam and International guitarist, Robin Banerjee who was the late Amy Winehouse’s guitarist. Dani Komari was one of the few local acts to perform at World Youth Jazz Festival 2019 which was held in KL.

Now, Dani wants everyone to listen to her masterpiece single called Circles which was inspired after she has just moved out from her family home to a room in Bukit Jalil and was living independently. According to her, Circles was written in just two days and gotten the melody while playing on her guitar while listening to some old school jazz and R&B. The lyrics came naturally on what she was feeling in that moment.
It took a total of 7 months for Circles to be completed and what recorded at her drummer’s makeshift studio in Kuala Lumpur. Circles, however, was mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Miles Showell. He has worked with renowned artist that includes  Grammy winning and nomination musicians like The Beatles, Disclosure, Iggy Azalea, Eric Clapton. CeeLo Green, The Who, Lana Del Ray and to name a few.

“Its dissapointing that we have to make it big “outside” before getting the attention locally.”

Dani Komari wants you to listen to Circles as it might give you an understanding of what local English Malaysian music scene is like. She goes on to say that there are a bunch of them making new English music daily and it sounds beautiful. Make it your worthwhile support while we’re still in the country.

To witness Dani’s amazing musical talent, she’ll be doing a promotional tour around KL and Penang to promote her single.

Here are the dates and info;

  1. Merdekarya (23rd November, 2019)
  2. The Canteen At China House, Penang   (29th November, 2019)
  3. Citta Fest (Citta Mall)   (30th November, 2019)
  4. Guinness  Flavor by Fire at Gaskey Alley (1st December 2019)
  5. Riuh in The City, Sentul Depot (7th and 8th December 2019)
  6. Pisco Bar (19th December 2019)
  7. Rils Bangsar (24th December 2019)
  8. Bobo KL (27th and 28th March, 2020)

Without further adieu, here’s the audio launch of “Circles” by Dani Komari. Share the word and follow her on Instagram / Facebook / Soundcloud here;

Instagram/ danikomari // Facebook/DANI // Soundcloud/dani.

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